UFC 250: Best Gambling Picks

We hit last week! Now, we are onto 250, a star studded card. Ton of amazing match ups on display Saturday June 6th. You are not going to want to miss a second of this card. Time to cook a parlay stew.

To start you gotta add a pinch of Herbert Burns in the pot. Burns is fighting Evan Dunham who has not won a fight since 2016. I expect Burns will close the gap and look to dominate on the ground. After the performance Gilbert Burns just had it is very hard to bet against a Burns.

(10-2) Herbert Burns -230

(18-8-1) Evan Dunham +155

Next up we need five knee fulls…. I mean hand fulls of Ben Askren son Chase Hooper. Hooper is a beast on the ground just like his father. A majority of Alex Caceres losses have come from the ground. Hooper debuted in the UFC in 2019 with a dominate fashion.

(9-0-1) Chase Hooper -185

(15 – 12 – 0 ) Alex Caceres +155

Throw in a tea spoon of Suga Sean O’malley. Cuz why the hell not it’ll just make everything taste sweeter. O’malley is sitting pretty as the second largest favorite on this card. Take a guess who the largest favorite is.

(11-0-0) Sean O’malley -502

(24-13-1) Eddie Wineland +372

You need your protein and this recipe calls for 145lbs of GOAT. Amanda Nunes. Her power is unmatchable in the women’s division. She has faced much better talent and dominated every time. Just no stopping her.

(19-4-0) Amanda Nunes -612

(8-1-0) Felicia Spencer +437

Normal Fighter Parlay :

Herbert Burns -230

Chase Hooper -185

Sean O’malley -502

Amanda Nunes -612

$100 to win $208

Hey you, ya you. You feeling yourself? You wanna get a little risky? Maybe add a Ghost Pepper to the stew? I got you.

The Ghost Pepper: Brian Kelleher.

This man is having one hell of a 2020 finishing both of his opponents. Kelleher is a well rounded fighter. He has fought in just about every other fight organization out there.

Add this pepper at your own risk!

(21 – 10 – 0) Brian Kelleher +215

(18-2-1) Cody Stamann -272

SPICY Fighter Parlay :

Herbert Burns -230

Chase Hooper -185

Sean O’malley -502

Amanda Nunes -612

Brian Kelleher +215

$100 to win $877

I bet you are licking your lips thinking about that ghost pepper right now aren’t ya? All I’m saying is those number look PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY good.

Remember you can eat each part of this stew individually! If 145lbs of GOAT is going to fill you up by all means stick with that. You do not need to start throwing Ghost Peppers and other ingredients in there. Your choose what you eat. If you personally like GOAT and a tea spoon of Suga by all means.

Now it’s time to sit back and eat!

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