UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal Gambling Picks

Look I’m still a little hung over.. but that is a different story. Delinquents we have arrived to fight island! This week I got two parlays, one for the peeps who want easy money. Another for the ones who want a pay day. UFC gave us two easy lock the pay out is just not there.

“THUG ROSE! THUG ROSE!” She is back and better than ever people. Rose is a lock. If you don’t know this is a rematch between the two. Last time Andrade won on a freak accident. She slammed Rose on her head knocking her out. Rose was dominating the fight before the slam happened. In my opinion Rose should be at like -350, how nice of Vegas to give us this line. “THUG ROSE!” LOCK.

(8-4-0) Thug Rose -205

(20-7-0) Jessica Andrade +165

Up next we got Amanda Ribas. Ribas been active in the UFC on a four fight win streak. As opposed to her opponent, PVZ who has been busy posing for sports illustrated and posting on Instagram. PVZ has fought four times since 2016 going 2-2. Ribas is just an all around better fighter. This is another easy LOCK.

(9-1-0) Amanda Ribas -845

(8-4-0) Pagie VanZant +545

Now that the locks are in. This fight between Muslim Slaikhov and Elizeu Zaleski could be one of the best fights on this card. Slaikhov was supposed to fight Niko “The Hybrid” Price three month ago. I just name dropped Niko Price, I wanted you to understand what level Slaikhov is on.

(16-2-0) Muslim Salikhov -140

(22-6-0) Elizeu Zaleski +105

Easy money-

Thug Rose -205

Amanda Ribas -845

Muslim Salikhov -140

$50 to win $92

I said it was easy money not a ton of money. If you wanna make to make money take both parlays. José Aldo should not be slept on. It blows my mind that I hear everyone taking Yan. For some reason casuals got a hard on for Yan, I don’t understand it. Did y’all forget who Aldo is?

(28-6-0) José Aldo +175

(14-1-0) Petr Yan -225


Thug Rose -205

Amanda Ribas -845

Muslim Salikhov -140

José Aldo +175

$50 to win 343

Hope you take the risk, and if you buddy starts freaking out when Yan loses look at him call him a casual. Aldo has the better resume and is the better bet. Whatever you take, enjoy Fight Island! Till Wednesday Delinquents!


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