UFC 259: Błachowicz vs. Adesanya Fight Predictions

I could not have been more wrong about UFC Vegas 20, 0-3 are you shitting me. Pretty embarrassed about that display. I needed that parlay to hit so bad last week too. If I fell out of a plane last week I wouldn’t have been able to hit the ground. I could not hit a bet to save my life. Ill tell you what, I do not remember much of Vegas 20, I do remember that calf kicks are the key to life.

Four Champions, three belts and I could not get myself to bet on a single one of the title fights. Everyone else is talking about who to bet in the 259 title fights, I got you covered with something different.

If I were to bet on the title fights, I’m taking Yan over Sterling. Obviously Nunes but -1100 and counting come on now. What am I supposed to do with those odds?

Hate to say this, I think Błachowicz beats Adesanya. (sorry Dave and Titus). I just feel like Izzy rushed the Light Heavyweight jump, Izzy said he may weigh in at 193lbs. In the cage Błachowicz very well could have over 20 lbs. on Adesanya. Plus the reach advantage is only 2 inches for Adesanya, who usually has a much larger advantage. How does Vegas make Błachowicz a +200 underdog in his own turf?

Hey don’t worry, don’t worry I said we aren’t betting those fights. Got three different picks this week that no one else will be talking about.

Aleksandar Rakić (-160) vs. Thiago Santos (+135)

On paper this is a horrible match up for Thiago Santos, its a good thing we are taking Aleksandar Rakić. Jon Jones ended the career of Thiago Santos, It’s extremely hard to enter this sport again after having both of your ACL’s repaired. Especially when Santos is 37, pretty close to the end of his career. Aleksandar Rakić is entering his prime, a large part of his style is using his range and throwing calf kicks. Once Aleksandar Rakić chops at his leg for a round Thiago Santos will be in some major trouble. As we saw from the Smith fight, Rakić can hold his own on the ground as well. If the odds are closer than you expected it is because Thiago Santos was the last person to beat Jan Błachowicz. However that was two years ago, this is a different Thiago Santos. Aleksandar Rakić matches up great against Thiago Santos.

Aleksandar Rakić (-160)

Yadong Song (-145) vs. Kyler Phillips (+125)

Buckle up boys, this is one of the best match ups on the 259 card. Yadong Song accepted another fight at Bantamweight against Kyler Phillips. Phillips is fairly new to the UFC going 2-0 in 2020 however he has his toughest opponent yet in Yadong Song. Song looked sharp in his last fight at Bantamweight against Marlon Vera. Song and Phillips have a very similar slug it out style. Experience will play a huge part of this match up. Even though Yadong Song is 23 (which makes me question my life decisions.), Yadong has double the amount of wins. Yadong Song is a talented prospect who seems to improve every fight. I have bet on Yadong Song just about every time, he has not let me down. I say we keep trusting in the Kungfu Monkey.

Yadong Song (-145)

Uros Medic (-170) vs. Aalon Cruz (+145)

A nice contender series match up here between Uros Medic and Aalon Cruz. Cruz secured his spot in the UFC 1 year ago, Medic signed his contact 5 months ago. Uros Medic is 6-0 all via finish. Best believe we are betting on him against Aalon Cruz. Cruz did not look good in his debut against Spike Carlyle, where he was knocked out in the first round. Spike hit Cruz with a big shot and Cruz began to panic wrestle. I’ve said it before and ill keep saying it, panic wrestling is one of the worst habits you can have! Medic impressed me with his knock out win on the contender series. I’ve been waiting for him to make his UFC debut, he couldn’t be doing it on a bigger stage. Uros Medic’s striking output is going to be too overwhelming for Aalon Cruz. If Cruz looks to panic wrestle after a big shot from Medic, well the fight will be over shortly. I expect Medic to come out strong and look for a finish in the first round. Win by finish sounds like a fantastic bet as well.

Uros Medic (-170)

No Champions in this Parlay-

Aleksandar Rakić (-160)

Yadong Song (-145)

Uros Medic (-170)

$50 to win $168

Took a different approach this week, every broadcaster will have their take on the three title fights. I bet Stephen A Smith will have a breakdown for the title fights, he couldn’t tell you the difference from a heal hook and knee bar. I did touch on briefly who I believe the Champions at the end of the night would be. I’d rather just give you something different, after all, this is Delinquent MMA.

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I need to clean this record up.


The record might be garbage right now, but

Ill admit when I am wrong. Unlike many gambling pages.

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