Its that time of the week again. Woodley vs Burns had Vegas as well as fight analysts confused on who has the advantage. Woodley emerges as the favorite in this fight at -180. I advise you stay away from the main event. Uncle Dana has given us a great main event but first we have to get through a bunch of ehhh fights. Only 6 of the fighters are ranked in the top 15 in their respected weight classes. Finding and making picks for you was a challenge this week for sure but we here!

First up we got Augusto Sakai, his line is even against Blagoy Ivanov. I am torn between this fight for the reason Blagoy wont get KOd, my guy is a tank. If you do not know Ivanov was stabbed in the heart, you can see the nasty scar on display Saturday. But I’m picking Augusto Sakai and all honestly its because he is Brazilian. You are thrown on a jiu jitsu mat before you can walk in Brazil. I’m predicting Sakai will look to take this fight to the ground and submit Ivanov.

Augusto Sakai -115

Next up we got Mackenzie Dern Who is a huge favorite against Hannah Cifers. Dern is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and all of Cifers losses have come from the ground. Think that is all I really need to say here about this fight right? Dern is going to take it to the ground and it’ll be over.

Mackenzie Dern -425

Yeah…. looking like all I can really give you for this card is 2 picks. Get ready for next years STACKED card though. Ill have a ton of picks for you. 8-5 overall since I have been delivering you UFC picks. lets add two more wins to that list!

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