UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Ankalaev Betting Guide

Clean 4-0 sweep for UFC 272, puts us to an overall 63.85% win percentage on UFC gambling advice. Crazy. Started to keep track of the percentage in the Twitter bio, removed the record at the bottom of each post about 5 cards ago.

UFC Vegas 50 is better than some pay per view events. Santos vs. Ankalaev is stacked from top to bottom.

Thiago Santos (+410) vs. Magomed Ankalaev (-575)

You know, part of this hot streak has been determined by picking who is going to win, not so much who the value bet is. Even though the line is steep this statement still holds true.

Magomed Ankalaev is going to destroy Thiago Santos and it won’t be close. Difficult to even look at prop bets here because Santos is a tough guy to put away. Recommend just throwing Ankalaev in your parlay for a slight boost.

Bet: Magomed Ankalaev (-575)

Bruno Silva (+150) vs. Alex Pereira (-170)

Bruno Silva is 3-0 in the UFC, and I have been preaching to bet on him ever since he debuted. Hit on Silva bets against Jordan Wright, Wellington Turman, and Andrew Sanchez. Including prop bets, 5-0 when betting on Bruno Silva. No slowing down now!

Alex Pereira is one of the highest valued prospects in the UFC. Hard to not expect greatness from a man who beat Israel Adesanya twice. However, this is a mixed martial arts fight and Pereira does not have much experience yet.

Bruno Silva has 28 professional mixed martial arts fights under his belt and is well-rounded in all facets of the game. Personally refuse to turn my back on Silva here. Ride the wave!

Bet: Bruno Silva (+150)

Trevin Jones (+130) vs. Javid Basharat (-150)

Certain prospects get a little gold star and I follow them closely until they make their debut. Javid Basharat is one of those prospects.

During the weigh in for his Dana White Contender Series fight his opponent, Oron Kahlon called him a terrorist. Basharat made him suffer for three rounds, then to top it off, finished him with less than 90 seconds to go. It was a perfect performance, Basharat toyed with him.

Javid Basharat is 11-0 all wins coming by finish. His footwork and precision in which he throws strikes are incredible to watch. Javid Basharat is one of my favorite up and coming prospects. Could call for a whale bet.

Bet: Javid Basharat (-150)

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