Kattar, Kattar and more Kattar

  Kattar, Kattar and more fucking Kattar. New England Cartels Don Corleone or Calvin Kattar to most people, is a god damn hit man inside that octagon. If you don’t agree you must not have seen him unleash an elbow from hell right to Jeremy Stephens melon causing him to fold up like a cheap lawn chair. He finished him just moments later with a barrage of punches and another elbow on the forehead slicing him open like a Samarias sword to butter! Is that dramatic????….. Fuck you! It’s not!!!! Kattar now has Ige in his cross hairs for another hit on Wednesday night and I could not be more fucking amped! 


I’ve seen people on the internet riding super high on Dan Ige, and rightfully so! He has won 6 fights in the UFC. And that isn’t even including the contender series. He is HUNGRY! Like a starving dog level hungry. There is not a doubt in the world about that. But Calvin is a top 5 145er ( I know he is ranked 6th do you really care that much about 1 spot ). I don’t see any way he lets Ige win. He just out matches his power in my opinion and can keep pace, even set the pace against the red hot Dan Ige. Ige can be hungry like a dog on meat but Calvin Kattar surely will not taste defeat!!!


To sum this one up, one of New England Cartel’s key member Calvin Kattar (I know font is a key member too but he doesn’t have a fight right now) looks to snap the hype train of Dan Ige. The problem with this fight is I do not believe a win will move Kattar in the 145 rankings. But a win WILL open up doors to top 5 opponents like Yair Rodriguez, Chan Sung Jung ( Korean Zombie ), or possibly even former challenger for the belt Brian Ortega ( t city). I would love to see a 5 round rematch against Zabit but I do not believe it will happen. I guess Kattar taking this fight just shows how savage he is. Game for anyone, anywhere and could give a shit about the number next to their name. This is Calvin’s second fight in this pandemic, looking to stop another ranked guy and hopefully he does with pure violence. 


Stay trashy my fellow delinquents and make sure to support New England’s own Kattar this Wednesday in the main event of fight night 172 on ESPN.


Side note: Randy Costa and Peter Barret are back this summer ( hopefully Rob Font in August but I have seen no confirmation) so the Summer of the cartel keeps rolling. And yeah I did proclaim the summer of 2020 the summer of the New England Cartel! Deal with it!! 


-Phil “Philadelphia” Collins MMA 

Delinquent MMA 

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