Francis Ngannou Officially Signs With The PFL

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has signed an expansive deal with the Professional Fighters League announced this morning.

Ariel Helwani kindly broke the news that former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou signed with the PFL at 5:45 am. I planned on giving a quick breakdown of what the PFL paid Ngannou, but Dana White stole the show by announcing the lineup for 291 and officially announcing UFC Boston.

Below is the layman’s terms breakdown of the PFL Deal.

“equity and leadership roles” in the PFL.

The ability to pursing boxing opportunities outside of the PFL.

The chairman of the newly-launched PFL Africa and will serve on the company’s advisory board “to represent fighter interests.”

A “seven fight figure purse” plus a guarantee 2 million purse for his opponents.

“The PFL is excited to announce its groundbreaking strategic partnership with Francis Ngannou, the greatest heavyweight fighter in the world,” PFL CEO Peter Murray said in a statement. “Ngannou will anchor the PFL’s star-studded PPV Super Fight Division, serve on PFL’s Global Athlete Advisory Board and will be a Chairman and equity owner in PFL Africa.”

Francis Ngannou signing his deal with the PFL CEO, Peter Murray.

Ngannou is expected to box before making his PFL debut scheduled in 2024. Over the past two years, he has expressed interest in boxing matches against the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Nothing concrete has materialized at this time.

Due to the guaranteed two million dollars his opponents will get for fighting him. It will be interesting to note if any heavyweights from the UFC and Bellator also make the jump to the PFL. Wouldn’t be surprised if the PFL tries to pursue another free agent to give him some competition.

Fascinated to watch this “strategic Partnership” unfold.

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