UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards Recap

Over the past 24 hours, I have been at a loss for words. Instagram has been too depressing to look at, Twitter is filled with people dancing on Usman’s grave. After some deep contemplating I have decided to share my thoughts on UFC 278.

It’d be wrong if I did not start this article off by talking about Leon Edwards. What an incredible come from behind knockout victory. Personally not the biggest Edwards fan but anyone calling his victory a fluke is out of their mind. He set up the head kick perfectly, he baited Usman with a hook that lead him right into the head kick. One of the most impressive knockouts of all time, especially given all the circumstances leading up to the fifth round.

Luke Rockhold is an absolute savage, way to go out like a gangster. Extremely impressed that Rockhold’s chin held up an entire 15 minutes against Costa. Costa by first-round finish was one of my most confident bets. Oh well, thank you for everything Luke.

Wish Merab Dvalishvili just let Jose Aldo win, would have been pretty cool of him. Especially after he gets on the mic and says he won’t fight Aljo. Very honorable and respectable move, but at least give Aldo the chance to win the belt back in Brazil. The king of Rio deserved a storybook ending.

Tyson Pedro is a monster huh? Definition of perfect performance. And those are my thoughts on Tyson Pedro.

How on earth did Alexandr Romanov not score 10-8 in the first round? Tybura did not land a single strike and Romanov dominated him the entire five minutes. If you keep your opponent suppressed for an entire round and that isn’t deserving of a 10-8 what is? Derek Cleary was the only referee who gave Romanov a 10-8 in round one. The judges were on something last night.

Straight raw post UFC 278 Delinquent thoughts.

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