UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Strickland Betting Guide

For the most part, I’d say 282 lived up to our expectations. The Betting Guide went 3-1-1, plus the parlay I tweeted out hit. Not a horrible way to end the last pay-per-view of the year.

Cannonier vs. Strickland is the last card of 2022, which will leave us with no UFC fights for over a month. During the break, I have some plans in store for Delinquent MMA. Starting by moving the website to a competent platform.

One thing to note, there is a slight chance that every blog ever posted will get deleted in the move. It shouldn’t but I have no idea how the content is going to transfer.

Jared Cannonier (+100) vs. Sean Strickland (-120)

I figured Uncle Dana would want to end 2022 with a bang, but instead the last main event of the year is Jared Cannonier vs Sean Strickland. First off, how is Strickland opening up as a favorite against Cannonier?

4 months ago, Sean Strickland was viciously knocked out. Now his first opponent back is another knockout artist. Strickland is a brawler who will constantly move forward, which is exactly what Cannonier wants.

The line makes no sense and it is causing me to question my own knowledge of mixed martial arts. Strickland has good boxing mechanics, but we just saw him laying lifeless on the canvas. Now he’s locked in a cage with Jared Cannonier for 25 mins, and none of us know the true health of his chin. Give me the value of Cannonier all day long. Might as well juice the line with Cannonier by KO/TKO too.

Bets: Jared Cannonier (+100)

Jared Cannonier by KO/TKO (+275)

David Dvorak (+200) vs. Manel Kape (-240)

Can not believe that Manel Kape has never appeared in a betting guide. Seems preposterous, feel like we bet on him all the time. Coming to think of it, if every betting guide gets deleted, we won’t be able to fact check old takes. Which really sucks, seeing I’ve been right. Well, congratulations Manel Kape on making your first appearance in the betting guide.

Kape is 29 years old and peaking at just the right moment. Coming off of two back to back first round knockout victories. Out of his 17 professional victories, only one has come by way of decision. So yes, we will be betting on Kape to win by knockout. Keeping the first Kape breakdown short and to the point, because I’m terrified all this information will be deleted in a few weeks.

Bets: Manel Kape (-240)

Manel Kape by KO/TKO (+160)

Big moves are in store for 2023, about damn time we step our game up and see what Delinquent MMA can become.



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