The Biggest UFC Upset Sean Strickland Defeats Israel Adesanya

September 10th, 2023, is the day I confirmed we live in a simulation. Sean Strickland defeats Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision in Australia. Demolishing Adesnaya at his own game. Which is the biggest men’s upset in UFC history.

The entirety of the car ride home was silent. The only words spoken were from me repeatedly saying, “What the fuck”. My brain still has not processed what is about to come.

DraftKings put out an odds boost on Adesanya’s money line. Bumping the odds down to (-100). On top of that, Drake bet 500K on Adesanya. As an MMA community, we should have known some fuckery was in store.

Drake Curse is back.

My brain is spinning in circles, and I don’t know what to make of life. All I know is we live in a simulation where Sean Strickland is our middleweight champion of the world.

Sean Strickland Belt

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