UFC 288: Sterling vs. Cejudo Best Bets

The Betting Guide for UFC 288 Sterling vs. Cejudo is live.

Last week, our strategy for the Song vs. Simon card was a success. Caio Borralho performed exceptional, and we all made some extra cash. We also made a profit from Bareknuckle afterwards. I advised on Twitter to place a bet on Mike Perry. Perry should have been favored more as Bareknuckle suits him perfectly.

Enough house cleaning, in this guide we cover three of the best bets for UFC 288 Sterling vs Cejudo.

Aljamain Sterling (-110) vs. Henry Cejudo (-110)

If Aljamain Sterling defeats Henry Cejudo, he could be considered the greatest Bantamweight of all time. Alternatively, Cejudo could further establish his legacy. How many new fans are unaware of the legendary fighter known as Triple C? Over time, I have helped you earn a considerable amount by betting on Sterling. Now, it’s time to change our strategy.

I respect that Vegas has made this fight a pick em because it’s difficult to predict. The main factor is Cejudo’s three-year hiatus from the octagon.
Many speculating ring rust will play a huge role, but I disagree. Since “retirement,” Cejudo has been coaching some of the best fighters on the planet. While also giving his lingering injuries plenty of time to heal up. The resurgence in the Bantamweight division lit a fire under Cejudo.

Triple C will finish Aljamain Sterling, setting a new tone for the entire Bantamweight division.

Bet: Henry Cejudo

Belal Muhammad (+110) vs. Gilbert Burns (-130)

Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns are a couple of dogs. Unexpected that Muhammad agreed to this fight, as he previously mentioned he couldn’t make weight with short notice. Dana must have paid him a bag.

Based on their overall skills, Burns is the superior fighter in this matchup. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of motivation from Muhammad to compete. First with him allegedly not being able to make weight. Second Muhammad originally game planned to fight Edwards for the title, before the UFC selected Covington.

Surprised to see Burns open at a (-130) favorite. I already placed three units on Gilbert Burns as I expected the line to jump. Guess I was wrong there.

To keep it short and sweet, my logic is to bet on the guy who begged for this fight on three weeks’ notice.

Bet: Gilbert Burns

Khaos Williams (-295) vs. Rolando Bedoya (+245)

It’s difficult to make multiple prediction about UFC 288. Pay-per-view events usually have some surefire locks, but not in this case. Of all the picks, Khaos Williams seems like the safest one. Rolando Bedoya making his UFC debut, and unfortunately he’s fighting Williams.

It seems like a fight to get Khaos back on track. Therefore, my plan is to bet on Khaos Williams by KO/TKO (-140). Making a great value play, for a 3-1 favorite.

Bet: Khaos Williams

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