UFC Fight Night: Song vs. Simon Best Bets

UFC Fight Night Yadong Song vs. Ricky Simon Best Bets. Beautiful gambling performance on the Pavlovich Vs. Blaydes card. All our underdogs cashed for a nice payday. Sergei Pavlovich round 1 finish (+300) proved to be an absolute steal. We should have thrown the rent money on it.

I hate when people online criticize you for saying a UFC card sucks. Let me tell you straight up. This UFC Fight Night absolutely blows. It’s not even an appropriate card to gamble on. Better off saving your money than betting on a majority of these fights. However, I pulled myself together to write the most half-assed bet. 

Caio Borralho (-300) vs. Michał Oleksiejczuk (+250)

The majority of the betting guides are thorough and thought out. However, this fight night doesn’t do it for me. I feel someone trapped me in their basement and won’t let me leave until I write a halfway decent breakdown.

It’s a scum bag move to sit here and tell you to bet on a (-300) favorite, but sometimes you need to be a scum bag to make a little money. Caio Borralho is levels above Michal Oleksiejczuk and that’s all you really need to know.

Here is my plan and feel free to copy it. Place your bet on Caio Borralho, go to the bar, and let your bet cover your drinks for the night.

Bet: Caio Borralho

It’s acceptable if you go out with the fellas and completely miss UFC Fight Night Song vs. Simon.

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