UFC 292: Sterling vs. O’Malley Betting Guide

The Betting Guide for UFC 292: Sterling vs O’Malley. Live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on August 19, 2023. After four long years of waiting, Uncle Dana finally makes his return to Boston. The ticket prices are outrageous but if you scooped a ticket for Saturday make sure you hit us up.

Aljamain Sterling (-250) vs. Sean O’Malley (+200)

The UFC 292 main event, Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley could either be a banger or a massive disappointment. Sterling claims he will move up to featherweight after his victory over O’Malley, which could cause him to fight extremely cautious. If that is the case, we could see a boring main event.

From the betting perspective, the only path of victory for Sean O’Malley would be by knockout. Sterling is better in every aspect of the game besides striking. If Sterling does manage to get close the distance and get Suga to the ground, the fight is over.

If you are looking for a juice bet, take O’Malley by KO. If you want a safe bet take Sterling straight up. Depending on how my gambling night goes, I might place both bets. For now, I am taking Aljamain Sterling straight up.

Bet: Aljamain Sterling

Marlon Vera (-185) vs. Pedro Munhoz (+155)

Pedro Munhoz is a nightmare match-up for Marlon Vera. Even though they both have similar styles, Munhoz is better in every aspect. Whether it be wrestling or their striking output, Munhoz has Vera beat. In Vera’s last three fights, we have seen him start slow. Essentially forfeiting the first round, to feel out his opponent. As the rounds progress, he tends to unload searching for a highlight finish. This game plan is not going to work on Pedro Munhoz.

Munhoz is (20-7-0) with each loss coming by a decision. If Chito wants to win this, he needs a new game plan. Something they did not have time to prepare for seeing the original fight was Henry Cejudo.

Munhoz is one of the toughest guys in the UFC and the best underdog bet on the card. Pedro Munhoz by decision for even more juice.

Bet: Pedro Munhoz

Maryna Moroz (+130) vs. Karine Silva (-155)

Combat sports are unpredictable. When it comes to gambling, it’s crucial to have some boundaries. My rule of thumb is to limit betting on women’s MMA. Throughout each betting guide, you’ll notice that female breakdowns are scarce. Only special fighters make the cut. Karine Silva is one of those fighters. 

Maryna Moroz and Karine Silva once fought back in 2014. Moroz submitted Silva via armbar in the first round. After beating Silva, Moroz signed with the UFC, racking up a record of (6-4). However, during her 9-year UFC career, 12 fights were canceled. About all of them were canceled due to Moroz getting injured in camp.

Maryna Moroz vs. Karine Silva in 2014 at XFC International 7

Originally Silva opened at a (-180) favorite. Once the public found out Moroz won in 2014 they started to flip their action. Let me tell you, this makes me love Karine Silva even more. Silva is young and looks newly improved each time out. I imagine some of these injuries are still lingering over Moroz. Bet on Silva to finish the fight by submission and take under 2.5 rounds. 

Bet: Karine Silva

UFC 292 Sterling vs. O'Malley

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